Suprise! Renewing Wedding Vows in Cana

2 05 2010

Church in Cana celebrating Jesus' first miracle

Cana was a middle-sized town in Jesus’ day.  Located half way between where he grew up, Nazareth, and where most of his ministry took place, around the Sea of Galilee, Cana was just another Jewish town that would have been forgotten by the rest of the world if it wasn’t for a couple visits and miracles by Jesus as recorded in the Gospels (John 2:1-11 and John 4:46-54).

First incident has Jesus, his disciples and his mother in town for a wedding.  We had a wedding at church yesterday.  And as a part of the wedding liturgy are the words, “marriage which Jesus blessed with his presence at the wedding in Cana of Galilee.”  So coming into the courtyard of this lovely Roman Catholic Church, Mike–our guide–announces that we will have the opportunity to renew our wedding vows.

News to me.

Cynthia is back home in the states.

John Speight, my co-host and his wife are here.  So they, and about 8 other couples, choose to renew their marriage vows.  And I have the honor of leading the worship service.  Not having the Book of Worship or the United Methodist Hymnal with me (silly pastor–hope the bishop is not reading this), Mike handed me a Catholic text.  Doing a little editing on the fly we more than got through it.  I felt the love these couples have for each other, the faith these couples have in God, and I think the love of God for these couples flood the room.

It was an unexpected and holy moment.




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